Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome dear user to BitXmi

before creating your user account on BitXmi, or using any of the services provided by us or any other affiliated website, APIs or mobile phone app, please ensure that you have gone through, read and understood all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract to avoid any future complications.
Please note that once you register yourself with BitXmi, you are bound by the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement, the User’s Privacy Policy, Amendments, Appendices, and all other contracts that may be updated over the years and will be displayed on the platform or sent to you via email, mail, SMS or other means of delivery used by BitXmi. You also confirm that you are above 18 years old and are mentally and physically fit to enter this contract.

1. Our services
1.1. Your BitXmi account covers all the following primary BitXmi services:

-The hosted wallet: It allows users to store some supported digital currencies and also transfer, manage and keep track of certain supported digital currencies.
-A platform where users can exchange digital currencies and also added features such as real-time quotes, charting tools, news feed and many more helpful features that provide a platform where investors and traders can carry out transactions. This digital currency exchange platform is created for the Over-the-counter (OTC) markets and organized spot market for tokens.

 2. BitXmi Account

2.1. Account Registration.

If you wish to use our services, you must first register yourself at BitXmi through an account. When you’re registering yourself, you will be asked to provide information such as your name and other personal information to confirm your identity. We have the authority to reject your application for a BitXmi account and can also limit the number of BitXmi accounts you hold.

2.2. Identity Verification.

When you register yourself at BitXmi, you will have to provide us with certain information so that we can verify your identity and detect any unethical activity such as money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other financial fraud. It also allows us to keep track of all your information. Before you are allowed to use our services, you will have to complete some verification procedures. The information you are required to give may include personal information including your name, address, cell phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, bank account details, and information regarding taxpayer and government identification. Please make sure the information you provide us is authentic and original. You must inform us if any of the information provided by you is changed or updated. By registering at BitXmi you permit us to make inspections, either directly or indirectly through a third party, that we believe necessary to confirm your identity and protect you and us from financial crimes, unethical activities, and fraud, and to execute steps we believe are necessarily based on the outcomes of such inspections. You must know that when we carry out our investigation, your data may be disclosed to fraud prevention and financial crime agencies so that such cooperations can fully understand and respond to our inquiries.

 3. Digital Currencies
3.1. Legal Nature.

Digital currencies are not supported by the government and are not legal tender. The accounts and value credits do not apply to any deposit insurance policy or scheme.

BitXmi is not a dependent exchange platform where users can exchange digital currencies. BitXmi does not allow any digital currency listed on BitXmi to be considered as an investment agreement of any sort, or a security value for any purpose.

4. Hosted Wallet

4.1. In General.

The purpose of your hosted wallet is for you to be able to store, track and manage any supported digital currencies present in your hosted wallet. Once you have registered yourself at BitXmi, you will be allowed to request, send, receive and even store digital currencies coming from third parties by stating commands through our website.

BitXmi has the authority to stop the processing of or reject any pending purchases if required by the law or due to a court order, subpoena, or any other government order. BitXmi also reserves the right to enforce transaction limits. It is noteworthy that BitXmi cannot redo or reverse a transaction which has already been transmitted to a Digital Currency network. The Hosted Wallet services are only available for those Digital currencies that BitXmi supports. The Digital Currencies supported by BitXmi may be updated or changed from time to time. If you have any queries regarding which Digital Currencies BitXmi presently supports, please visit us at https://www.bitxmi.com/. You should not try to store, send, receive or request Digital Currencies that are not currently supported by BitXmi through the use of your Hosted Wallet.  BitXmi will not take any responsibility regarding the use of BitXmi services and hosted wallet for storing, sending, receiving and requesting Digital currencies that BitXmi does not support.

4.2. Digital Currency Transactions.

At BitXmi we do not assure the identity of any user, receiver, requestee or any other third party. When you’re about to submit instructions to BitXmi, you should recheck and confirm all information provided regarding the transaction. Once the transaction information is submitted to a Digital Currency Network, the transaction is not completed instead the Digital Currency transaction goes in a pending state until it is confirmed by the Digital Currency Network. Funds connected to transactions that are pending will be appointed accordingly, and will not be added to your BitXmi account balance and will not be available for you to carry our transactions. You might be charged with network fees when we carry out a digital currency transaction on your behalf. We will always inform you about the network fee either at or before the time you carry out the transaction. It is important to note that, we can post pond any digital currency transaction if we sense any danger of fraud, financial crime or illegal activity.

4.3. Digital Currency Storage & Transmission Delays.

At BitXmi all Digital Currency private keys are kept safe and secure by both online and offline storage platforms. This is why there might be a delay of 48 hours or more in the initiation or crediting of Digital Currency Transaction because we need to retrieve specific information from offline storage platform to support and complete your Digital Currency Transaction. When you make an account on BitXmi, you agree and understand that a Digital Currency Transaction supported by us can be delayed.

4.4. Third Party Payments.

BitXmi holds no responsibility for the quality, safety, authenticity, delivery or any other feature of any service or goods that you might purchase or sell to or from a third party. This includes the other BitXmi service users. BitXmi does not hold any responsibility or liability for ensuring that the buyer or seller you do business with will complete the transaction or is required to do so. If you face any sort of problem regarding the goods or services you purchased or sold to, a third party using the Digital Currency transferred through our services, or if you get into a quarrel with a third party that you purchased or sold to, you must resolve the issue directly with that third party. If you think that the third party has acted inappropriately, or you cannot resolve the issue with the third party on your own, you may report to BitXmi Support at https://www.bitxmi.com/ so that we can look into the matter and see what has to be done.

4.5. Operation of Digital Currency Protocols.

BitXmi is not in charge of our own software protocols that manage the functioning of Digital Currencies present on our platform. The underlying protocols can be used, copied, altered and distributed by anyone. When you register at BitXmi, you understand and agree that

1) BitXmi is not in charge of the functioning of the underlying protocols and that BitXmi gives no assurance of their operation, security, and availability.

2)The underlying protocols may see an abrupt change in operation rules and regulations (a/k/a “fork”), and that such forks may physically influence the value, operation, and the name of the Digital Currency you store in the BitXmi platform. In the case of a fork, you oblige that BitXmi is allowed to suspend BitXmi operations for a short period (with or without informing you beforehand) and that BitXmi can decide if it wants to or doesn’t want to support either branch of the forked protocol entirely. You understand and agree that BitXmi takes no responsibility in connection to an unsupported branch of a forked protocol.

5. General Use, Prohibited Use, and Termination

5.1. Limited License.

At BitXmi, you get a limited, not complete and non-transferable license which is subjected to the terms and regulations of this contract, so that you can use and access the BitXmi program and other related tools, content, information for valid reasons as allowed by BitXmi from time to time. Using the BitXmi platform and services for any other reason is prohibited, and all other rights and interest in the BitXmi program is solely under BitXmi and its licensors. When you register yourself, you agree you will not engage in any illegal activity or copy, transmit, sell, give out, license, alter, reverse engineer, post or take part in the transfer or sale of, develop derivative works from, or in any way misuse any of the services provided by the BitXmi platform. Bitxmi.com and all logos connected to the BitXmi platform or shown on the BitXmi platform are either registered logos of BitXmi or trademarks or its users. You cannot copy and use them without written permission from BitXmi.

5.2 Website Accuracy.

At BitXmi, we ensure that the information we provide on our platform is accurate, correct, and up-to-date. However, the content and other information may sometimes be inaccurate, incomplete, and not updated and may also include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. We aim to provide you with complete, accurate and current information all the time, which is why information may be changed or updated from time to time without prior notice, including a change to information about our policies, services, and facilities. You must verify and confirm all information before depending on it, and all your decisions regarding the information present on the BitXmi platform are your responsibility, and we will not be held responsible for the outcomes of such decisions. On a platform, you will find links to third-party content as a means of convenience but are not in our hands. You understand and agree that we will not be held responsible for any outcome related to the information, services, content and facilities contained in any third-party website or material or any third party websites accessible or connected to the BitXmi Platform. 

5.3. Third Party Applications.

If you give express permission to a third party to open or connect to your BitXmi account, either through their service or product or through the BitXmi platform, to the extent allowed by BitXmi, you agree that giving the third party the permission to access your account or take actions on your behalf does not in any way relieve you from any of the limitations and responsibilities on you under this contract. You will be held responsible for all actions carried out by the third party to whom you granted access to your BitXmi account. You also agree and accept that you will not blame or hold BitXmi responsible for any problems and concerns arising due to or connected to any act the third-party with access to your BitXmi account carries out. You are allowed to change or take back the permission granted by you to the third party at any time by changing the Account settings on the BitXmi platform.

5.4. Prohibited Use.

When you use any of the services and products offered by BitXmi, or interact with other BitXmi users, and third parties, you acknowledge and agree that you will not indulge in any unlawful use of our services that fall under the following criteria:

-Unlawful activity: Any activity that would breach or play a part in the violation of any law, regulation, ordinance, statute, and sanctions conducted in the countries where BitXmi carries out its business, or an activity that would aid in unlawful activity, such as publishing, distributing any unlawful content or information.

Abusive activity. Actions or activities that inflict a obstructive large load on our infrastructure or purposely interfere with, interrupt, or seize any platform, data, content or information; send or upload any content to the BitXmi platform that contains worms, viruses, Trojan horses, or any other destructive software or programs; or any unauthorized attempt to access the BitXmi Platform, through copying passwords or other such activities; use the information present on the BitXmi account of other members in order to gain access or use the BitXmi platform, with the exception of specific merchants and users that are especially given the means and authority by a user to access their BitXmi account and information and carry out actions on their behalf or if you transfer your account details, access, and rights to a third party while abiding by the law or rules of BitXmi.

-Abuse other users. You are prohibited from interfering with another user's dealings and use of any BitXmi product or service. You cannot defame, abuse, harass, bully, extort, threaten, blackmail, or breach the legal rights of other users such as the right of privacy, publicity, and intellectual property. You cannot engage in acts of violence, hate, racial intolerance or other violent acts against one another, collect information from our platform about other users such as addresses, email addresses without prior and proper consent taken from the user and us.

-Fraud. Any activity that aims to defraud BitXmi, BitXmi users or any other third party member; by displaying false, misleading and inappropriate information on our platform.

-Intellectual Property Infringement. You are prohibited to indulge in business which involves products that breach any copyright, trademark, different rights imposed by the government such as right of publicity and privacy, related to sales, distribution, or gain access to copied music, movies, programs, software or other such licensed property without proper permission from the owner. You cannot use BitXmi intellectual property, name, trademark, logo, trade service mark, without gaining permission from BitXmi or gaining access to BitXmi intellectual property through mediums that could harm BitXmi or our brand; any activity that indicates fake affiliation and partnership with BitXmi.

bitxmi.We have the authority to monitor, review, keep and reveal any information at any time to comply with any government law, regulation, sanctions programs, request or legal process. We have the right to reject, post pond your BitXmi account or freeze or block your transactions and funds suddenly without informing you if we believe that your account has links to prohibited activities.

5.5. Transactions Limits.

All BitXmi services have a limited amount of volume that is stated in BTC terms that you may earn or transfer in a certain period. To know the limits of your BitXmi services, log in to your BitXmi account. Your earning limits may change according to the mode of payment you employ, verification steps you completed and other such factors. BitXmi has the right to alter the transaction limits if we believe it's necessary. If you wish to increase your limit beyond that which is displayed on our platform, you can submit a request to us at our website. For the application to be completed, you might have to submit additional information concerning you and your business and provide your business history and records. We have the right to refuse your request for increasing your limit, and we may lower it at any time.

5.6. Suspension, Termination, and Cancellation.

BitXmi reserves the right to (a) suspend, restrict, or terminate your access to any or all of the BitXmi services, and (b) deactivate or delete your BitXmi account if

-We must do so to comply with a court order, government binding order or a valid subpoena.

-We believe that you are using your BitXmi account for a prohibited activity

-your BitXmi account is a victim of any pending litigation, investigation, or government proceeding or we believe your account activity is not by the legal and regulatory laws.

-our service affiliates are not able to reinforce your use.

-You carry out an act that we believe is deceiving and evading our controls such as creating multiple BitXmi accounts or misusing promotions BitXmi may offer over the period.

If we deactivate or delete your account, or stop your use of our services for any reason, we will notify you beforehand unless a court order, government law strictly prohibits us from providing you with such information. You agree that BitXmi's right to take certain steps, including suspending, closing, deleting your account or limiting your access to your account, may be done so based on top-secret criteria that are vital for BitXmi's security management and risk protocols. You also acknowledge that BitXmi is under no pressure or authority to reveal the details of its risk management and security methods and functions to you.

You will be allowed to send and transfer Digital Currency and funds connected with your Hosted Wallet for a total of ninety days after your account is deactivated or canceled unless such transfer activity is banned 1) by the law, including current sanctions programs or 2) by a real and valid subpoena or court order. You can cancel your BitXmi account at any time by taking out all balances and visiting our website. You will not have to pay any price for canceling your BitXmi account, though you will be asked to pay any remaining amounts owed to BitXmi. You agree that we can reject or post pond any pending transactions when you cancel your account.

 5.7.Relationship of the Parties.
BitXmi is not a dependent contractor. This agreement does not contain anything that shall be perceived as or is intended to be perceived as, nor shall it cause you or BitXmi to be considered as allies, partners or joint ventures for profit or either you or BitXmi to be treated as the agents of one another.

5.8. Privacy of Others.

If you get information concerning another user through our services, you must keep that information and content confidential and only use it for BitXmi services. You cannot disclose, reveal or give out another user's information to a third party or another member or use the information unless necessary to carry out a transaction and other actions reasonably incidental thereto such as support, reunion, and accounting unless you take the user's written consent and permission to do so. You are not allowed to send unrequested email to a user through our services.

5.9. Password Security; Contact Information.

It is your responsibility to keep all your IDS, passwords, hints, personal identification numbers (PINs), API keys and all other such codes that you use and require to access your BitXmi account and services safe and secure. Any loss of such information or data may lead to unwanted access of your BitXmi account by third-parties and the theft of your Digital Currency or funds present in your BitXmi account and other affiliated accounts, including your linked bank account and credit cards. You have to keep your email address and telephone number updated on your account profile to get messages and alerts send from our side. Any loss that you may face due to the disclosure of account login details which is not the fault of BitXmi or is caused by you failing to follow or act upon the notices and alerts we send you, will not be our responsibility.


5.10. Taxes.

It is your responsibility to calculate and determine whether and what amount of taxes apply on the transactions you conduct through our services, to collect, report, submit and withhold the right amount of taxes to the verified tax institutions. Your transaction activity history is available on your BitXmi account.

5.11. Unclaimed Property.

If there are funds in your account, and BitXmi is unable to contact you and has no record of you using our services for over several years, then according to the law we may report these funds to the present jurisdiction as unclaimed property. In such a scenario, BitXmi will try its best to contact you and locate you using the address you have provided, but if we are unable to find you, we may be required to submit your funds as unclaimed property to the applicable state. BitXmi has the right to minus a dormancy fee or deducts other administrative costs from your unclaimed funds, as allowed by applicable law.

6. General Provisions

6.1. Computer Viruses. We will not entertain any responsibilities in any case, for any damage, destruction or problems brought about by the presence of any computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, worms or due to the presence of any other malware, which may negatively influence your equipment, e.g. your computer. We will also not bear any liability for spoofing, phishing or other such attacks. It is advised that you keep a constant check on your equipment and its efficiency with a reputable and readily available virus detecting and avoiding the software. It is also important that you know that email and SMS are services that are exposed and vulnerable to phishing attacks, spoofing and are to be used with care in the review of messages that claim to come from BitXmi. It is suggested that you always log in to your BitXmi account via the BitXmi platform and review the transactions or any other uncertainties that you have related to the genuineness of any notice or other communication.

 6.2. Indemnification. bitxmi.If you have a disagreement or problem with one or more users of the BitXmi services, and you release BitXmi, the service providers affiliated with it, the respective officers, agents, employees, directors, joint ventures and representatives from any and all claims, damages and demands (original and resulting) of all kinds and types arising out of or in any way linked with such problems and disputes. You agree to reimburse and compensate and hold Bitxmi, the affiliates, the service providers and each of its or their directors, respective officers, joint ventures, agents, representatives and employees from any claim or demand (inclusive of the attorney’s fees and any other fines, fees or the penalties applied by any regulatory authority) arising due to your breach of this Agreement or you going against any law and regulation, or the rights of the third party.

6.3. Limitation of Liability. In no situation or event will the affiliates of BitXmi, the service providers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, joint ventures, be responsible or liable for (a) for any quantity or amount that is greater than the value of the supported Digital currency on down payment in your BitXmi account or (b) for any profits that are lost or any other special, accidental, incidental, non-direct, resulting, impalpable damages, whether due to any contract, negligence, tort, or strict liability or even otherwise resulting out of or in linkage with the authorized use of the Bitxmi platform or the services of Bitxmi, or this Agreement even if an official representative of Bitxmi has been suggested and advised to know about the possibility of such kinds of damages.

The services of BitXmi are given on an “as is” and “as available” basis without the presence of any warranty, representation, whether implied, expressed, or statutory. To the fullest and maximum limit allowed by the law in an application, BitXmi notably and particularly disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, title, and fitness for any specific reason or purpose or for non-infringement. BitXmi does not and will not make any representations or warranties, which have access to the Platform, any part of the services of Bitxmi, or a part of any of the material that is contained therein will be uninterrupted, continuous, error-free or timely.

6.4. Entire Agreement. This agreement consists of the whole understanding and agreement between BitXmi and you as to the subject matter hereof. The agreement supersedes all prior discussions, understandings and agreements of any type (inclusive of without any boundaries and limitation any prior types and versions of this Agreement), and every nature between BitXmi and you. The section headings that are present in this agreement are only for convenience, and will not be in control of the meaning or understanding of any provision of this Agreement.

6.5. Amendments. We may fix or improve this Agreement through posting on the BitXmi Platform or by emailing you the revised version of the Agreement, and it is important that you know that this revised agreement will be effective at such time. Also, if you do not agree to any of the modifications, then the only remedy for you is to stop and terminate your use of the services and to close down your account. You also agree that we will not be responsible and liable for you or any other third-party for any modification or end of the services of BitXmi, or the termination or suspension of your access to the services of BitXmi, except to the limit otherwise expressly set forth herein. If the new and revised agreement is inclusive of some material change, we will undertake to provide and offer you an advanced notice through our website and/or email before the change in the material becomes effective.

6.6. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or non-applicable and unenforceable due to any rule or regulation or due to any government agency, federal or local, then such a provision will be altered and changed to achieve the goals of the provision to the maximum extent that is possible under any applicable law. The limit and validity of any other provision of this form of Agreement will not be affected.

6.7. Governing Law. You agree that the rules and laws of SINGAPORE, without concern and regard to the rules and principles of the dispute of rules and laws, will rule this Agreement and any demand or claim or problem that has come up between Bitxmi and you.

6.8. Force Majeure. We will not be responsible or liable for any deferral, failure in result or performance or disturbance in service, which result directly or non-directly from any factor of cause or condition that is beyond our possible reasonable control, included but not limited to, any deferral, or failure because of any action brought about by God, any act of military, any civil act, act of terrorists, war, civil disturbances, labor disputes, strikes, fire, disturbances in telecommunications or problems in the Internet services or problems with the network provider services, failure in equipment and tools, failure in software, or any collapse in the digital asset market, any legislative action, administrative or judicial authorities or other various catastrophes that are far ahead of our reasonable control and will not affect the validity and application of any provisions that are left.

6.9. English Language Controls.Notwithstanding any other allocation of this Agreement, any translation of this very agreement is only given for your ease. The meanings of our conditions and terms and the representations present here are subject to the definitions and understanding in the English language. Any translation that is given may not precisely represent the data in the original English.

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Cookies Policy
This website uses both types of cookies; session cookies as well as persistent cookies. The session cookie is also known as a transient cookie, it is temporary and is erased once the browser is closed. The persistent cookie is also known as a temporary cookie; it is stored on the hard drive.


Some of the cookies that are on our website are put there by our partners in social media, advertising, analytics, and remarketing.  They may join the cookies from our website with other information that they might have put together from other websites.

What is a Cookie?

bitxmi.A cookie is a small message in the form of a text, which is put there by the web browser when you use a website. The main purpose of this is to help the website browser in identifying and saving the users browsing activity as well as their preferences so that customized pages can be made for better user experience.

Certain cookies that are placed on our website may be used to identify you when they are combined with other data that is collected by the servers. These are known as cookie identifiers. Even though cookie identifiers are not used on our website for identification, we handle this data like personally identifiable information.

Consent to Use Cookies

We give your consent the utmost importance. Our websites function according to your consent to the use of cookies. You will not be forced to give your consent to the processing of cookies. There are two ways by which you accept the cookie policy and provide us with your consent for the processing of cookies. These are as follows:

•         When there are cookie identifiers on the website, you give your consent by clicking “I accept” on the cookie window.

•         When there are other cookies present that are unable to identify you, you give your consent by basically making use of our website.

When you accept this cookie policy, you are giving us your consent to collect your cookies and process them as it is mentioned in our policy. In case you want to withdraw your consent to this, you can click on the withdrawal link given below. In this way, we will be quick to accommodate you by turning off cookie identifiers and deleting yours from all our systems.

Why We Use Cookies

Cookies are mainly placed on the website to be aware of the type of use and traffic on the website, as well as improve and boost the site’s performance. Furthermore, our partners may intend to use these cookies for various other reasons, for example:

•         To track your activity on other websites;

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•         To determine how the ad campaigns are working, for the businesses that utilize the services of the Partners.

•         To establish your preferences so that you have an excellent experience on other websites;


Period of Processing

Your cookie identifier is required for processing. We intend to collect and keep your cookie identifier for a period that is required for processing. However, if you withdraw the consent to the processing as mentioned earlier, then no processing of your cookie identifier will take place.

Sharing of Cookie Identifiers

When you give us your consent, you also agree to the fact that we can share your cookie identifier whenever it is required for processing as mentioned in the section “Why we use cookies”:

•         With the companies that are our partners such as Facebook, Google, etc.

•         With the companies that are a member of the same corporate group as us or with companies that have a similar ownership construction or bring under common control with us.

Our affiliates have the right to set up their cookies on BitXmi website and thus they may collect cookies identifiers by themselves.

Transfer to Third Countries

You acknowledge and agree that people who may receive your Cookie identifiers under the category “Sharing of Cookie Identifiers” may be located in a country other than your home country and European Economic Area. This is why data protection and privacy regulations may be different from your home country and may provide a lower level of security and protection.

Your RightsYour Rights

You have the right:

•         To ask us for the information concerning the processing of Cookie Identifiers by us  

•         to take from us without delay the redraft of inexact Cookie Identifiers that may be connected to you

•         To acquire from us the deletion of Cookie Identifiers

•         To prohibit the functioning of Cookie Identifiers by us, when it is allowed under the prevailing law

•         To acquire from us Cookie Identifiers in an organized, common and machine-readable format and to send the information to another user without any barrier on our side.

•         To file a complaint against us with data protection supervisory authority.
Policy Updates
We have the right to upgrade this Cookie Policy over the years. If we do change this Cookies Policy in a way that it enhances our rights for collecting, processing, using and storing your Cookie Identifiers, we will notify you beforehand and will only apply the changes on you after taking your consent. All other changes shall be applied to you instantly after posting a new cookies policy on our website.

Data Controller Details

BitXmi.com Company, a company registered in Singapore (2018)

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Legal page

BitXmi is a legal body, permitted to perform acts of crypto platform operator in the meaning of Decree of the President of Singapore On the development of digital economy dated 2018 (Singapore).

BitXmi.com warns the users about the following risks

digital signs (tokens) are not legal tender and are not needed to be accepted as a means of payment, its functioning and its administrative and jurisdictional units, are not responsible to token owners for their technical and legal properties, both of which are disclosed during creation and are necessary for token owners to achieve the aims and goals they thought when taking tokens tokens are not given by the state purchase of tokens may result in the full loss of funds and other investments transferred in exchange for tokens (including as a result of token cost volatility; technical failures (errors) illegal actions, including theft)

Technologies such as the block chains and other similar technologies are original and upgraded, which stresses upon the need for periodic development of the information system of BitXmi.com and the danger of technical failures in its functioning.

Some tokens that are sold by BitXmi.com may be of importance only when using the information system of BitXmi.com and the other services offered by them; one important point is BitXmi.com services are not on offer to citizens of Singapore, USA, Quebec State of Canada and Pakistan.<br /> The ruling regarding token transactions and approaches to their legal regulation are different in every state, which is why there is a danger that agreements signed between BitXmi.com and its clients or their specific rules and regulations and terms may be unfit, invalid and unenforceable in some states.

Bonus Withdrawal conditions. 

One can only draw or request to draw a bonus to a different crypto wallet

1.  Subject to minimum $50 Initial Deposit.

2.  After Conduction 5 trades in our exchange.

3.  Fees and charges apply.